With Jirav Lite Startup CEOs Get a Real-Time View of Operations



Countsy, the leading provider of outsourced accounting, finance, and HR services to venture-backed startups, is partnering with Jirav, a cloud-based financial planning and analysis software provider, to provide Countsy clients with access to Jirav Lite portal for instant reporting.

According to founder Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill, "Countsy understands that a startup CEO can't afford gaps or blind spots to their business metrics. Instead of presenting clients with spreadsheets and models that go stale, we can leverage Jirav's technology to help busy CEOs manage their startups in real-time."

Countsy's quest is to provide venture-backed startups with the experienced financial leadership and accounting support necessary to grow and scale. Thanks to a partnership with Jirav, Countsy clients will soon have their own sophisticated Jirav Lite portal equipped with a dashboard customized to the startup client's unique needs. Jirav helps businesses get ahead with access to smarter financials and instant insights and is the perfect complement to Countsy's platform. The Jirav Lite tool is a completely customizable dashboard that provides instant financial data through a user-friendly interface. In a world where every minute counts, instant access to financial data is an invaluable asset.

An interconnected Jirav Lite dashboard will deliver real-time financial tracking to hundreds of busy CEOs. With portal access Countsy clients get access to the most up-to-date reports 24/7, eliminating the gap that can occur between monitoring and planning with other outsourced financial departments. 

Hundreds of venture-backed startups rely on Countsy's back office and CFO team advisement to maximize their potential growth and returns. Countsy has perfected the outsourcing of today's back-office operations. Leveraging the latest cloud-based tools for clients with the leadership of Countsy's experienced financial professionals to deliver more value than other outsourced solutions. Fractional teams reduce operational costs while providing high-value operational support.

Lee Bellon