Outsource your back office — without sacrificing access and attention.


Operational disciplines and processes are what your startup relies upon to survive and thrive, but it’s not your primary business nor core revenue activity. Outsourcing your startup's Accounting, Finance and HR saves you from having to fund more personnel, office space and equipment, particularly as you grow. 

Now more than ever, outsourcing your startup's essential back office functions makes economic sense. But as the CEO, what about accessibility to your business-critical data and insights from an experienced operations leader? 

Thankfully, today’s cloud-based software allows for always-on information and easy collaboration. Modern Accounting and Finance solutions provide the same level of accessibility and visibility once achieved only by in-house staff. 

Venture-backed startups can also leverage a dedicated, outsourced, on-demand CFO rather than overspend on another executive package. A reliable outsourcing firm vets its CFOs based on experience, relevance and capabilities to ensure you have a knowledgeable and competent business partner throughout your startup's evolution. Someone who's available whenever you need and always sharing the information you require to make snap business decisions.

Whether you think of it as extra brains or muscle, outsourcing can provide advanced technology and crucial human capital to support your startup from day one — all without forgoing access to your business information or guidance from experts. The right outsourced solution shouldn’t feel distant or uninvolved. Rather, it should feel present and proactive. 

Devote all your attention to innovating and delivering products that delight your customers. It's time to take advantage of the new era of outsourcing your Accounting, Finance and HR. Outsourcing your startup's back office functions as opposed to hiring full-time Accounting, Finance and HR employees typically results in a 30-40% cost savings.

Lee Bellon