How Countsy works for you


Your dedicated CFO and technology platform — all devoted to your company's growth.


One of Countsy’s experienced CFOs becomes your dedicated business partner, alleviating workload and worries while providing keen solutions for your business needs. You get the support you need without incurring the expense of a full-time CFO.


Countsy provides the needed cloud based technology platform to rescue you from the burden of your back office operations. No need to deal with multiple vendors and software providers. 


From People Operations to board reporting, we provide what you need, when you need it. Evolving our service offerings alongside your growing company.

I’ve used Countsy for 3 startups. They are cost-effective and efficient. If you’re a startup CEO, you need to hire Countsy.
— Joe Beninato, Founder and CEO - Banter
Ronette’s advice and guidance has been instrumental as we’ve grown the company. I can’t recommend her and Countsy enough.
— Marc-Lloyd Ramniceanu, Co-Founder, NetCloak

Countsy uses all the best technologies for managing your back office.

We've helped thousands of startups with their diverse Accounting and HR demands. Our deep experience has enabled us to integrate industry standard tools into a seamless system that works perfectly for your business.