Tax & Regulatory Compliance

Excellent year-round accounting is the key to a stress-free tax season. With Countsy, your books get closed each month, quarter, and year: each time moving you one step closer to being prepared for tax season. Your Countsy team are equipped to guide your venture backed startup through tax and regulatory issues along the way. Helping you:

  • Select an excellent tax partner

  • Maintain your books to enable and facilitate the tax return process

  • Manage compliance and filings deadlines across multiple jurisdictions & agencies

  • Maximize your tax deductions and credits (including R&D).

  • Manage the preparation of all federal, state, and city tax forms.

  • Track and classify business expenses throughout the year.

  • And more…

As your venture back startup matures from infancy into future rounds of funding or acquisition, your Countsy team navigates you through with confidence built on experience and expertise.


Countsy — your back office hero for: