Countsy helps your startup grow

We started with Countsy very early in our evolution and their paperless solution gives us a competitive advantage.
— Matt Van Horn, Founder and CEO - June

We establish and manage your operations.

Financial Planning

Your Countsy team prepares both fundraising and annual financial plans to calculate your burn, and forecast your monthly runway.


Board Meetings

Your Countsy CFO presents company financials to investors and board members at every meeting.


People Operations

Your Countsy CPO provides guidance on strategic HR activity.


Payroll and Benefits

Countsy runs payroll for all your employees. We work with you to select and implement a competitive benefits package. 


Revenue and Expenses

Countsy tracks your revenue, manages collections, and ensures proper revenue recognition. Vendor payments and employee expense reports are processed daily by your Countsy team.


We've scaled with endless startups



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