Countsy + Jirav provides smarter financials and faster insights. 

At Countsy, we believe in innovation that enhances the way we deliver services to our clients. We partner with top cloud companies to deliver the best experience for our clients and equip our teams with dynamic financial tools. As fans of powerful technology and excellent customer service, Jirav is a great fit for Countsy. With this partnership, Countsy clients will gain access to the Jirav Lite dashboard as part of the Countsy platform.  

Jirav is a best in class cloud financial planning company that helps your business stay ahead with access to smarter financials and instant insights. The Jirav Lite tool is a completely customizable dashboard that provides financial data through a user-friendly interface. In a world where every minute counts, instant access to financial data is an invaluable asset. 

Being able to easily access your financials at any given moment doesn’t just give you a clear understanding of your current financial state it empowers you to ask the right questions to help you prepare for your startup’s future.



Cash: See historical and projected cash

Revenue: Visualize your revenue growth

Bookings: Track your sales progress against goals

Workforce: View your headcount and salary details

Operating Expenses: View by department or category

Custom: Import and visualize any other specific data



Executive Summary: Synopsis of financial and non-financial data

3-Way Financial Statements: Built-in Income Statements, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reporting

Sales: Detailed bookings by product or revenue type automatically translated into billing and revenue recognition schedules

Workforce: Headcount and salary by department and role

Custom: Tailor reports to your business



Financial Modeling: Sophisticated objects and models to reflect your business

Budgeting & Forecasting: Formulas and Drivers to tie future items together

Goals: Top-down assumptions for high-level planning

Revenue Recognition: Project your deferred revenue backlog into your forecast

Workforce: Full staff planning including driver-based hiring and reconciliation