Countsy provides a robust back office platform capable of scaling to high-growth companies. Countsy partners with premier VCs and Accelerators to share this platform — along with our proven expertise in Accounting, Finance, and HR — with their portfolio companies to help springboard them to success. 

Why Countsy?

Countsy has a large stable of experienced Startup CFOs and an even larger back office support team. We have helped thousands of startups scale their accounting and HR operations: 


Founders should be focused on the big stuff, but they’re often distracted with efforts that should be outsourced. Countsy provides your portfolio startups with a professional operational advantage in both HR and Accounting, providing a fractional back office team alongside a strategic CFO and CPO. 

How it works

Our passion at Countsy is to help startups succeed. VCs and Accelerators share this goal, and this is why we have instrumented a model and process that works. 

  • Provide the dedicated guidance of an experienced and proven CFO, plus the collective brain-power and knowledge of dozens of other CFOs within Countsy’s team.

  • Seamlessly deliver all the supporting back office services that a growing company needs.

  • Quickly and painlessly put in place a streamlined process of setting up their operations infrastructure across Accounting, Finance, HR, and more.

  • Equip founders and stakeholders with an easy to reference dashboard with real-time financial reporting, including metrics and KPIs such as burn and OpEx.

  • Allow your portfolio company to report key business indicators back to you regularly.

  • Scale with the business so the Founder/CEO can continue to focus on product development, market opportunity, and the success of the endeavor.

  • Ensuring our startups are due diligence and transaction-ready at all times.

As a VC or Accelerator, Countsy can help you and your portfolio companies to understand the business better, make smart strategic moves, and get prepared for growth. If you’re interested in learning more about our approach, experience, and exclusive partner pricing, please contact us today.

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