Startup Scalability without losing Focus.


The VC backed startup needs an array of experienced professionals in order to grow rapidly. Deciding what to outsource and what to hire for can be challenging for any founder. And even if the decision to outsource is clear, the implementation of a scalable outsourcing infrastructure is imperative. Making that process as streamlined as possible can save you critical time and energy. You are supposed to be focused on innovation, not buried in operational and back office tasks. 

The value of choosing the right partner that uses the right tools and approach is greater than the sum of its parts. For starters, make sure you get a dedicated CFO to work with you to understand your short and long-term business needs, not as an outsider, but as an inside ally and true business partner. Choose a CFO that is experienced in the nuances of venture-backed startups. You don't want to get template answers better suited for massive corporations. This familiarity aids your CFO in working with your Board of Directors, communicating financial updates and strategic plans. It also provides peace of mind. And because this CFO is available on demand, you can trust that you'll have the operational guidance you need to drive your company forward when you need it.

Under the guidance of your CFO, make sure you have a dedicated team of experienced professionals utilizing innovative systems to keep your business operations running smoothly even as you scale up your hiring and increase volume. Allow them to grow your accounting and HR function across all critical areas while remaining a fractional resource. Choose the right partner, and you will find that everything else will follow smoothly. 

Lee Bellon