Accounting is not the same as Bookkeeping for Startups


Bookkeeping (Accounting) for startups can be considerably different than that of a small business, a difference that often requires the guidance of a CFO to ensure books are GAAP compliant and audit-ready at due diligence time. In fact, we believe that as a venture-backed startup you don’t need a ”bookkeeper” you need an accountant. Your current flow of payables and receivables may not require the full-time in-house support of an accountant, (you may not even have an active revenue line yet) but you still need a dedicated and accessible accounting service to ensure your business doesn't get tripped up along its accelerated growth path. Outsourced accounting services familiar with startup needs can provide you the expertise and reliability you need to streamline operations and focus on growth.

Experienced services like Countsy exist to make light work of the accounting for startups. Staying on top of payables, receivables, sales tax reporting, payroll tax reporting, banking and credit card reconciliations and balance sheet reconciliations in preparation for your monthly close. In addition to getting the job done, you also gain the confidence of a dedicated Countsy CFO and the team of accounting professionals well versed in best practices and systemizing your financial processes. All are keeping your monthly close and payroll on track, ramping up their efforts alongside the growth of your company. 

A startup's human capital is crucial to its success. As CEO you need to be recruiting and onboarding the right players to accelerate growth and innovation. With a dedicated Countsy CFO and experienced support team, you save money over hiring in-house, freeing capital to be used elsewhere. You gain the guidance of talented professionals who want to free you from the operational burdens of the back office, by employing the right skills, best practices, and most efficient tools available. All leaving you worry free to focus on product development, business growth, and team cultivation. 

Lee Bellon