Banking Relationships

We all know the importance of good relationships in business, and your relationship with your bank is no different.There is a tremendous value to be gained from forming and maintaining a successful relationship with your bank, and it should be a top priority for every startup. Remember, banks dislike surprises as much as you do. Keeping the bank in the loop ensures the long term collaborative experience you desire. If you treat your bank as part of the team, they typically will react as part of the team.

Banks are an important component of the business model and have tremendous potential to become strategic business allies if relationships are properly nurtured. The Countsy team is seasoned with years of experience negotiating with banks and obtaining the best banking facilities on behalf of clients. To facilitate the bank relationship process, we can provide your startup with everything you need, including detailed financial reports, schedules, updates, summaries and internal monitoring procedures. Having a dedicated Countsy CFO as part of your team gives the bank additional comfort that your company has the financial stability and sophistication to grow responsibly.


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