Lender and Lease Negotiation

A tremendous strategic opportunity for startups exists when it comes to lease and lender negotiations. Most venture backed startups pursue some type of bank or venture lending and/or enter into significant facility lease obligations with their landlord. These are just two areas where your Countsy CFO has years of practical experience and can be an invaluable partner to you.

If you are pursuing debt, your Countsy CFO can identify excellent lenders, model the business scenarios used to determine eligibility for a loan, negotiate the terms of the loan and manage the diligence process prior to loan close. You will be working with someone who has been through this process multiple times and can calibrate your deal against the market to ensure you are getting the best deal available.

If you are entering into a multi-year facility lease, there are many areas where you may miss an opportunity to reduce your future exposure and reduce your risk level. Rate per square foot is important but its also important to understand and negotiate such issues as TI (tenant improvement)  allowances,  deposit requirements, right to sublease, right to return as is, termination requirements, insurance requirements, any rent escalations and a myriad of other issues that come up when finalizing the master lease agreement. Having your Countsy CFO at your side can make navigating this process so much simpler and efficient for you.


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