Employee Handbook

Funding signifies a serious growth point in your company. As CEO you’ve been busy building out every aspect of the business with little to no time carved out for tedious back office tasks. Let alone the drafting of an employee handbook. Then suddenly it seems like you’ve moved from “we’re too small to worry about that” to, “we seriously need an employee handbook” to contain and relay all the necessary info an employee needs to onboard efficiently and contribute successfully. An employee handbook also helps you manage the myriad labor law compliance regulations at the state and federal level. It gives your employees a roadmap as to how things work around here….such as what holidays will the company pay for, what is your paid time off policy, maternity and paternity (family) leave, all of these had to be handled in accordance with the law and relayed to your employees in a clear and concise manner. Take a deep breath; we’ve been there before, countless times in fact. Busy CEO’s rely upon our experience and expertise to quickly compile the right employee handbook for their needs. We start with who the company is today and incorporate additional benefits and protocols as they evolve.


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