Due Diligence Support

Some startups do nothing to prepare for the due diligence process, assuming the people and business plan documents will speak for themselves, but that’s risky. During the due diligence process surprises in the evaluation of the management team, documentation, and personnel problems can derail the investment at a critical moment in the business. As CEO of a startup, your biggest enemy is time. Time to hire the right team and develop your product, time to get to market, time to communicate with all your stakeholders to keep them informed and engaged. The most critical time is when you have someone who wants to invest in or possibly acquire your company. It's too late at that point to get things cleaned up and ship shape. Do it right from the beginning.

Once you are in due diligence, it's critical to handle the process efficiently and professionally in order to instill confidence in your future investor or future owner that you are worthy of their time and money. The on demand Countsy CFO manages the process and ensures you are ready at any point in time to undergo diligence, from start to finish addressing the gaps and potential friction points.


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