Cash Management

Did you know that poor cash management is credited as one of the major reasons behind the failure of startups? Startups must be able to forecast their cash burn and cash to zero date accurately despite being in a state of constant change. Established businesses develop effective cash management models over time; however, startups don’t have this privilege. Startups typically have lumpy hiring, low visibility into the timing of future revenue and income sources, one off events and no history on which to base a forecast for future spending. Understanding the current burn, as well as the effect of the growth and cost drivers within your unique startup, is only part of the puzzle. Having the financial knowledge and startup experience to model those variables and guide a successful cash management strategy is just as crucial to your startup’s success. Fortunately, the Countsy team with the CFO at the helm keeps a close eye on all the moving parts enabling your startup to make the best use of its cash resources.


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