Policies & Procedures

Financial controls and accountability can be a major headache in every organization. The difficulties associated with managing dispersed teams are an everyday issue in the Global Age and can complicate the implementation of policies and procedures. Regardless of workforce structure, we provide a cohesive back office operation with oversight and controls that mitigate these complexities while growing alongside your organization.

No one-size fits all solution exists for building financial controls and accountability. However, a great place to start is to have a well-documented Policy and Procedure manual in place that covers everything from who can commit the company’s funds to what are considered to be appropriate and reasonable types of travel expenses. Our experienced CFOs will help your company determine the critical factors and risks and draft a concise Policy and Procedure Manual. Decisions such as these should not be made inconsistently as the wrong decision affects all stakeholders from employees to investors. Passionate about their professional role in your startup’s success, our seasoned CFOs draw from real situations and experiences helping you avoid critical errors.

Your CFO can help a company with financial controls and accountability in an ongoing on-demand format, allowing your company the best advice from experienced and qualified resources right from the start, and through every phase of your startup’s growth.


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